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Has ITSM lost its mojo? ITSMPROW Episode 54 part 2

Has ITSM lost its mojo? ITSMPROW Episode 54 part 2

Hosts: Chris Matchett, Barclay Rae

Show notes
  • Following on from Part 1 talking about whether ITSM has lost its mojo (and giving analysts a hard time)
  • Barclay fed up with the negativity and hype about things being ‘dead’
  • Got to find new stuff and practical applications for the things we’ve already got
  • David Cannon move to Forrester 
  • Consultant spends time with limited number of real organisations in depth whereas analysts have a broader view because looks at higher number of organisations
  • It’s got to be about the whole picture
  • Jarrod’s article on ‘Blow Up The Service Desk’ is interesting 
  • First keynote at SITS13 is similar topic
  • People want Service Desks for number of different reasons – there are different definitions too
  • Things like Genius Bars are becoming more common where there are lots of users in one location
  • In past seeking help was about knowledge, in future it might be more about capability and assets
  • Barclay first heard someone say “the Service Desk will be dead in ten years” was 1990
  • It’s got to evolve
  • Whether it’s guidance, capability or whatever you still need someone to help
  • Cloud needs data centres, data centres need ‘techis’
  • SDI awards some really good managed service finalists – quality is so much better than was
  • It might not be the Service Desk itself that’s failing but the IT business behind it
  • How many of the SDI Awards videos will have the Harlem Shake in?!
  • Looking forward to SITS13
  • SDI13 Conference in June – exciting things happening 






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