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SITS13 Review show - ITSMPROW Episode 56

SITS13 Review show - ITSMPROW Episode 55

Hosts: Chris Matchett, Barclay Rae, James Finister, Patrick Bolger

Guests: Kaimar Karu, Barry Coreless, Jeff Brooks, Sarah Burns, Claire Agutter, Andrea Kiss, Ben Clacy
Show notes:

Recorded live at end of SITS13, Earls Court 

  • Jeff: versus US shows companies here aren’t just selling tools but consulting, books & knowledge etc
  • The way people are trying to solve their problems is different here than US
  • Everybody is very polite, panel sessions great engagement, good passion
  • Some people still think that training staff on ITIL makes the organisation ‘ITIL compliant’
  • If you bet on Don swearing you lost
  • Some of Jeff’s quotes about metrics really stuck out – esp buy a tool that fits your level of maturity
  • People still looking for someone or something else to take the accountability
  • Make sure you look in the right quadrant for you
  • We make better decisions in our personal lives than we do at work (because it’s not our money)
  • RFPs circulate people just pass the same one on
  • Once a customer has bought, vendor needs to cultivate the relationship better – HELP THEM and the money will come
  • Andie Kiss – first presentation this year focusing on human element of Business Relationship Management – important to recognise it everywhere so that we’re aware how we’re doing it
  • Styles of personal relationships and how they translate in to business relationships
  • In business we try to fake it – but customers are not stupid. Or, end up in a bad situation
  • Don’t need to be their friend – just understand what type of relationship is needed. TRUST
  • Another problem is treating everything like a process without really understanding it
  • Sarah first time as speaker and exhibitor (SDI) – presented on Service Desk Certification
  • SDC – only industry standard, measured against nine standards verified by international panel. 3 stage process, assessment & initial scoring, certification and afterwards audits
  • The journey is where the value lies – it’s not the stamp it’s going through the process
  • Cannot replace look on their face when they find out they’ve passed
  • The Service Desk coming back to centre focus?
  • Will we see more desks moved back to UK?
  • Emotional intelligence and local knowledge from being based closer to customer base is in vogue
  • Cost breaks from offshoring still tempting but people choosing closer locations
  • More ‘Smart-sourcing’ – team don’t nec have to be on payroll or in office, but could find outsourcer in region who understands me and my customers
  • Kaimar – speaking this year. Felt this year programme more relevant to more people 
  • More suits walking around – conversations have been good
  • People knowing more specifically what they want to do or achieve 
  • Round tables – low take up on social media, financial management, BYOD
  • Generic ITIL workshop only 2 attended
  • All this free help and consultancy isn’t being utilised – visitors should be taking advantage 
  • “incident and problem” good attendance but this is what we were doing 20 years ago
  • Average maturity rating has actually gone down slightly (but now collecting more data points)
  • Chance to talk to your peers “we can at least be screw-ups together”
  • Fear of missing out sometimes when lots going on at same time
  • Not easy to go to sessions, talk to people, visit exhibitors, go to round tables
  • Did we discover who murdered ITIL? 
  • People will always interpret books differently, it’s not deliberate - like religion
  • “I just want minions!”
  • Maybe education killed ITIL, maybe it’s those who are doing it badly, those sending staff on training with wrong expectations – basically it’s “everybody who never took the time to understand it”
  • …or maybe it killed itself?!
  • See you at SDI13






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