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The Information Revolution ITSM Weekly The Podcast Episode 109

The Information Revolution ITSM Weekly Podcast Episode 109

Your Hosts:  Mark Kawasaki  Matthew Hooper and Matt Beran (twitter #ITSMWP)

Guests: David Cannon

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Show notes: 

  • The Matts are Live at HDI
  • After three years trying to get him on the show David Cannon is here!
  • ITIL author V3 2011 Strategy
  • Co-authored Service Operation 2007
  • Are books the right format still?
  • It’s a reference book not meant to be read cover to cover
  • Much of the criticism is focused on ITIL not being something it never claimed to be
  • How do we keep it current and relevant?
  • Make it open, editable, accessible, more Wiki-style maybe?
  • Could it be more tailor-able?
  • People talk about Service Management in place of Systems Management but really the systems support the services
  • Has running IT like a business got confused?
  • Original intention of ITSM was very broad - about how does a CIO conduct themselves when managing this diverse area of people and networks and systems?
  • Managing the information component – just as important as the technology element.
  • When you think of IT as a business don’t take it too far – it can be an irresponsible approach e.g. “we don’t care what you do with the storage we’re just hosting”
  • BMC has played a role trying to influence and change how things are defined in the industry
  • Going to see more coming from BMC around Governance
  • Got to maintain tension between leadership you’d like to provide and the reality of what your customers need from you
  • More thought it being given to how to join these together
  • BMC been in the market for decades and learned from their own and others mistakes 
  • What’s next for David Cannon? Leaving BMC for Forrester starting 6th May
  • Forrester moving into consulting – analysts were getting more and more requests for follow up work
  • David to head up the INO (Infrastructure and Operations) area
  • What made ITIL so successful wasn’t the content, but it was accessible
  • Tendency we see in consulting organisations is protectiveness over their material
  • David in the community – has always been more of a personal thing
  • ITIL wave has become the parent of something different – doesn’t have a name yet
  • What’s going to happen after the revolution?
  • It’s not quite here yet
  • Wave of technological innovation been growing and growing – once in hand of individual user it’s an information revolution. Who’s going to step up and say these are the rules?
  • Real value of IT is still to be recognised. So much that Business is going to be able to do
  • During Pink13 was asked which great historical figure he’d like to speak to David said Karl Marx – because he understood the radical nature of change and how it effects society
  • What will the information revolution mean?!








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