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SDI13 Preview ITSMROWP Episode 58

SDI13 Preview - ITSMROWP Episode 58 

Hosts: James Finister, Chris Matchett, Barclay Rae, Patrick Bolger

Special guest – Tessa Troubridge

Show notes

  • News first: itsmf did a knowledge management seminar but one of the speakers couldn’t speak (Noel Breton)  – event organisers need to be clear what’s going to happen to speaker’s slides after an event
  • SDI make content from physical events available to attendees. TFT13 content available to everyone
  • If you’ve paid to see a speaker and they drop out last minute there should be good comms
  • Itsmf were slow to respond to Tweets
  • Good use of social media on Capita and the Joint Venture getting out there
  • More useful communication from the ITIL JV in last 3 weeks than ever was before – encouraging
  • Chris Barrett also recorded as guest on ITSM Weekly US show
  • Interview on ITSMTV
  • SDI Conference 18th and 19th June 2013 at Edgbaston
  • Upping Your Elvis 
  • Lots of firsts this year - Rob England presenting in UK
  • First time for Rumble in Birmingham with Chris Dancy and Rob England
  • Barclay to referee
  • First time physical and virtual event meets with TFT13 joining up with SDI13.  Two sessions from conference keynotes Chris Dancy and Rob England will be streamed from the SDI13 stage via TFT13
  • Patrick’s keeping quiet…
  • Barclay and Pat both presenting
  • Rob England presenting on Standard+Case subject of his new book
  • Malcolm Fry delivering conference energiser – what not to do on the service desk (by the audience)
  • Barclay session ‘The Service Desk Inspector presents' What to look at to review your service desk
  • Day 1 closes with Chris Dancy ‘The Metrics of Me’ set to be some spectacular revelations!
  • How many Harlem Shakes will be in the winners’ videos?!
  • New category – award for managed services
  • Jim Lawless ‘Taming Tigers’ closing keynote. About achieving amazing goals
  • No real tigers unfortunately
  • *Breaking news: James’ collection of man bags causes coat-rack related domestic accident which led him to build a cupboard in front of his ethernet cable port. If he can make it, he’ll be at SDI13
  • Great mix this year of practitioners, big names, breakouts and more delegates than ever before
  • Almost sold out of tickets – last few available
  • If no accommodation left through SDI you can still book and find your own hotel
  • ITIL sale – James ambivalent - cautionary view
  • There are potential pros and cons and different reactions from different parts of the world
  • So far they’re saying the right things – openness of comms is good sign
  • The views of a future Gartner analyst… Chris joining Gartner in July
  • Lots of movement amongst analysts 
  • Ovum event - impressive sharing 
  • The Animal I’d most like to tame and ride is… Chris: Red Panda, Barclay: The ITSM Haggis, Pat: Patrick Bolger, James: Heffalump, Tessa: James’ coat cupboard 






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by Chris Dancy