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SDI13 Conference ITSMPROW Episode 60

SDI13 Conference - ITSMROWP Episode 60 


Hosts: James Finister, Patrick Bolger, Barclay Rae (briefly)

Guest appearances from: Barry Coreless, Toby Moore, Chris Dancy, Chris Barrett

Recorded Live from SDI13 Annual Conference


Show notes

  • SDI13 Social conference – willing to talk outside sessions, mixing, meet new people
  • This year running concurrently with TFT13
  • By end of the 24hrs TFT13 had 7.6million social impressions online
  • Physical conference isn’t dead BUT will see age of Socially Augmented conference
  • Pat’s session – quite busy, good response
  • Howard Kendall message ‘the Service Desk in back’ – true in that moving away from outsourced model, changing perceptions
  • Chris Barrez Brown keynote – talking about creativity, something we need more of to come up with solutions
  • Mike Matthews of Atos talking about self-service and designing for the user, personalisation
  • Finalists of Managed Service Desk of the Year did Q&A session – BRM at the fore of thinking
  • Hello from Mike Matthews: skills needed are out there already, for user adoption embrace what users do at home. Don’t throw tools at people without understanding what they do or how. Talk to people in layman’s terms not technical or jargon.
  • What are the core things IT department needs to do to be perceived well by the Business? ITIL has very little of that. Some easy things e.g. new starter that can’t work on day 1 gives bad perception
  • Contextualising and personalising support important
  • Some things are easily doable with common sense and talking to people
  • Give a tailored experience
  • Things like ITIL are becoming an excuse not to talk to the user / customer e.g. don’t need to talk to them because the report gives them the information automatically
  • Hello Barclay.
  • Presentation on 5 star certified CGI – striking thing about them is management culture, tangible positive empowered culture
  • Barry – first time walked in to Virgin Mobile very powerful of the culture
  • Good videos at the Awards - JMC very funny
  • All finalists did great job – good reminder of what we’re here to do
  • Peter Pan Kendall still doing good job
  • James - breakout session disappointed with felt like outdated
  • Hard to get stories from those who have done the basics and now really are doing something else
  • Sustaining and changing stories would be useful
  • Breakout session with Katy Wignall from Barclays had good story about what they’d done, mistakes, did something new
  • Rob England Standard+Case – talking of the devil he appears… Feedback: resonated with people
  • ‘Now I understand why so much is missing from request catalogue’. Hello, this is reality
  • We should stop talking about BYOD and talk about Bring Your Own Experience
  • Hello to Chris Dancy
  • Everything is a consumer experience
  • Genius Bar in an org can be and has been done – they move part of the help desk
  • No. 1 thing clients think the business want is accessible people
  • Problem is entitlement meets control
  • Pat session asked how many people in audience were aware what the businesses goal is
  • Been trying to achieve this for years – if something is mission it’s leadership
  • Several people talking about personal leadership that message is getting out there but industry needs to do it too
  • Don’t give me the quote, show me the action!
  • People are afraid – culture at root of an organisation can only be dealt with from top down – can only manage from floor up with stakeholders support
  • Other way to effect culture is using social media – company sees you and your opinions there – make noise from the outside, Gorilla style
  • Does depend on the organisation but most are monitoring social media even if not participating
  • How did ITSM go from being how to make mainframes work to how to change the culture? Solved the problems of the tech now looking to bigger picture but also because tech is different
  • Hello Toby Moore
  • Preconception of what working in IT is. Try to take a step back and think about what people need - Give him his own show!
  • Stuff doesn’t break at the rate it used to so the interest in understanding how it all works died out
  • People are outsourcing because they don’t want to be running tech
  • Rob England – there’s going to be a mixed hybrid model forever, never going to be 100% outsourced
  • End up supporting business process and corporate asset
  • Pat and Barclay later run in to Chris Barrett
  • Only so much you can say but what’s been refreshing is being out there on social media etc
  • People are watching and interested to see how it develops
  • July can engage more people, point people in different directions, develop a timeline for changes
  • Main ideas hearing are about product development
  • People looking for plan for workshops, who will be involved
  • Rectruitment – net will be cast wide
  • Key things people have asked? - Need for clarity around simulation and gamification, integrating frameworks,
  • Pat – key thing missing: how to apply the frameworks
  • Challenge the concepts
  • People looking for clarity around career paths, which qualifications should I be looking at for my role
  • Complimentary publications, practical advice and guides in line with core modules
  • Chris’ take on this kind of conference?  Struck by passion, level of engagement and talking
  • People came for ideas and stuff to take back and put into practice
  • Making speaker’s reports, papers, books etc come to life
  • One difficult question – how radical are you likely to be? Potentially could be, mechanisms are in place to listen to everyone and what comes out will be addressed
  • Give your feedback! 







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