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Understanding Standard+Case ITSM Weekly The Podacst Episode 113

Understanding Standard+Case – ITSM Weekly the Podcast Episode 113

Your Hosts: Mark Kawasaki Matthew Hooper Matt Beran 

(twitter #ITSMWP)

Guest: Rob England, IT Skeptic

  • Standard+Case – what’s going on with that? Lots of interest, good feedback
  • “I gestate books like an elephant gestates”
  • 30 second summary “a different way of viewing the reality of how we respond to any sort of situation”… “the reality is that you can’t standardise this stuff, you can’t make it all repeatable and boxed-up – the world refuses to be standardised and there’s a whole other half of the world that’s unique and has to be dealt with case by case”
  • Ability to improve – can optimise how we deal with cases as well as standard processes
  • Better morale – can’t promise a deadline so people not seen to be failing when it’s out of their control
  • The bigger the fire and more complex the burning building usually takes longer to put out
  • Genius Bar – just a different interface or a different way of dealing with standard?
  • Apple support model is impressive & feels good but sometimes not sure they’re fixing problem beneath
  • Hard for Saas based platforms to support custom apps but reality is the way you build custom apps either have good practice or don’t
  • It’s about Familiar vs unfamiliar - with any response
  • People don’t think about Total Costs, cost of supporting a new device over 3 years for example
  • BUT – it’s not IT’s fault – business has failed IT like a bad parent!  Although they were just trying to get something done
  • It’s about enablement though you can’t fight shadow IT sometimes better to help
  • If business unit says we need a data base someone needs to say don’t go off and build it in Access yourself, you need to find the budget, find an expert to build something and support it
  • Educate the business
  • IT has been driven in to a defensive corner over last 20 years. Problem is systemic and comes from outside of IT
  • What would the IT Skeptic say about Standard+Case?!  Will it make a difference? Will people pick it up and run with it – let’s see the value
  • How do you develop case worker skills? Currently only accreditation in NZ is for nurses, no generic one nor one specific to IT
  • But there is ‘Case Management’ – which makes you feel grateful for ITIL! Is getting better.
  • Cynefin model (in the book) by Dave Snowden, is a model for situation analysis. If it’s complicated or complex you need an expert
  • Idea of structuring people at levels up to Case Management – e.g. not giving new people Cases
  • Two books to give away! Get in touch to claim
  • First thing people need to kick the ideas around in their own organisations - try it out and give Rob some feedback









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