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ITIL JV, BMC changes and free speech ITSMPROW Episode 57

ITIL JV, BMC changes and speaking for free ITSMPROW Episode 57

Hosts: Chris Matchett, Barclay Rae, Patrick Bolger

Show notes:
  • Recorded in a wine bar.. First show since SITS13
  • News Poodles have been in touch…
  • Talked about Capita buying G2G3 and setting up something new…we were right!
  • Joint Venture for ITIL - have bought other companies as well
  • More news to come regarding CEO of JV
  • They own 51% share, government owns rest
  • Not really the government’s job
  • Capita only get paid if revenue remains at least what it was
  • Interesting different reactions from different sides of the pond UK neg, US positive
  • If they do do it properly it could be a game changer
  • G2G3 press release is hopeful not affirmative
  • There is a lot of potential – if Capita leverage G2G3 instead of race to bottom you have simulation based training and experiential learning 
  • Could take it into the modern day – makes sense to modernise core material, make it more consumable
  • E-books – at itsmf12 UK the best practice stand were showing i-books versions said they were available but only three of core volumes are there
  • Competency of producing content but also about marketing and getting it out
  • Majid Iqbal started tweeting about reaction to V3 and how it’d been misunderstood –venting
  • 2 ways to do a release – either functionality bound or time bound
  • If they can professionalise the version updates and review process that would be beneficial
  • APMG will find other things to do
  • What impact it might have on membership orgs like itmsf 
  • How does it impact those authors who work for other companies? Some have said they’ll stop
  • It does also benefit authors though
  • Dave Cannon’s blog now at Forrester – blog post 
  • Stephen Mann leaving Forrester and joining ServiceNow 
  • G2G3 wouldn’t have given up creative independence lightly – ideally they’ll be allowed free reign 
  • Last time he was with Mark Patrick ended up under the table (shock)
  • They could do fantastic things in terms of how ITIL is delivered and received 
  • BMC news: public company, soon not to be.. 3 investment companies including Insight and a Singapore org are buying – 3 times revenue which is dollar over the share price
  • Product line is disparate. Will it mean they’ll get broken up into multiple companies? Focus more on mobile and social?
  • Will it help with innovation?
  • Some BMC staff are expressing worries, key people have left
  • What now happens? Do they focus on enterprise and sell off some, or set them up in own right? 
  • With Remedy lots of consultancy time and development time solved their own problem
  • Small to medium companies need higher level of touch points
  • Different feel to CRM tools to internal 
  • FrontRange booth at SITS pitching they’re only multi-tenant hybrid service management 
  • Nice to have topics!
  • Hello Alena and three more Peroni
  • Back to BMC… 
  • Even in ITIL books, PISM, configure yes customise be careful
  • Next podcast is SDI13 preview.  TFT13 going on at same time – dovetailing together for first time
  • Why not watch at home free then? Only two conference sessions are being shown on TFT13
  • Patrick presented last time
  • Charles Araujo blogged that he’s not speaking for free any more 
  • It does require a lot time 
  • SHIFT is new site to be go-to place to find speakers and activities on different channels
  • Can’t say never speak for nothing – can have other value as well, branding, networking, reputation
  • Paid itsmf events do pale compared to their regional events which are free to members
  • Completely depends on the event, the non-monetary value, the drain on your time etc
  • Barclay at Fusion this year
  • Patrick decided not to go and see the usual ‘big hitters’ and go see some of the practitioners instead – some were awful and you wouldn’t be happy if you paid and only saw less professional
  • Google+ recently became good?! Ipad app that works
  • Fez game for PC out – guy who made Fez wanted to present it at a game show but changed code night before and it crashed every 5 minutes. That’s why you have to do proper release!









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