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TFT13, privacy and the future of internet – ITSM Weekly the Podcast Episode 114

TFT13, privacy and the future of internet – ITSM Weekly the Podcast Episode 114

Your Hosts: Mark Kawasaki Matthew Hooper Matt Beran 

(twitter #ITSMWP)


  • Hanging out after TFT13
  • Takes time to consume all 24 presentations! Audio can save time
  • Saurabh did great job filling in last second and doing two presentations
  • Shout out to Tessa and Zoe at SDI for the work  
  • New website helped a lot where to find
  • All three hosts presented at TFT13
  • Screenshare still needs to be better resolution
  • Maryville focusing on virtual team work
  • Sharing video gets point across better but is not the norm yet
  • Can read body language and pick up on visual signals via video
  • When you see scowls move on!  Timing is everything
  • Hangouts On Air is still a bit like speaking to the mirror when you’re sharing your screen
  • Facilitators starting it off and wrapping up helps
  • WebEx has a whiteboard function but it sucks
  • Mark presenting without slides is challenging – nothing to hide behind
  • Like to see a consultant use no slides…
  • Oracle using Microsoft cloud services to host Saas apps – is this dinosaur club?
  • X-Box 1 – always watching - you can’t turn off the camera?!
  • Do we need to be less public or just clearer on consent?
  • Young generations have different view of privacy – are programmes like Jersey Shore part?
  • Comic strip set about future and privacy
  • Joint Venture now called Axelos
  • They have (not live yet) but not – doesn’t sound global
  • Name is really close to Axios
  • Should we change the name of the Rest of The World podcast
  • Indian podcast starting
  • Local school districts buying mass load of ipads
  • Some don’t say you have to have devices but you do need them – homework online etc
  • Schools / local authorities don’t always think about TCO
  • Women running ITSM project for Teachers for America – said mission is to ensure every teacher has a solid career path – love when people can see the bigger picture
  • Have you backed up your Google reader?
  • Using Twitter instead of RSS feeds – using other people as a filter
  • Zappos tell customer service reps not to protect the company
  • Tour is incredible experience
  • Farah future podcast guest
  • Google balloon network – hot air balloons delivering internet to remote areas!
  • Start Up in Maine was investigate high-altitude power
  • Will internet be free in 20 years? Or a public service?
  • Maryville was looking at buying a process modelling tool, looked at Navvia – listened to podcast from 2010 he said “I’m going to leverage cloud and new technology to make a process modeller that I can sell to consulting firms” and he did it
  • Entrepreneurs need a BHAG (Big Hairy Ass Goal) ask Ivanka Menken
  • Like to see where TFT goes next..
  • Fusion: Maryville presenting, Hooper down as presenting?!
  • Hoping to see Ken Gonzalez as a booth babe for G2G3
  • Pink IT Executive conference in Arizona in August – too hot to leave hotel: Hostage as a Service








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