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Keep Pimpin' My Goods – ITSM Weekly the Podcast Episode 115

Keep Pimpin' My Goods – ITSM Weekly the Podcast Episode 115

Your Hosts: Mark Kawasaki Matt Beran 

Guest: Farah Remtulla, Consultant, KPMG

twitter #ITSMWP

  • Farah: Practitioner turned consultant
  • Shout out to the IT Skeptic “ITIL end in tears”
  • Farah moved from Emery to KPMG 6 months ago
  • Biggest benefit – meeting practitioners in different places and problem solving
  • One of goals is to make impact in breaking preconceptions about consultants
  • First couple months learning client’s business
  • Many are overwhelmed, don’t have training budgets to go explore and use all the resources
  • Books find most often at clients are Gene Kim’s Visable Ops and Glen O’Donnell
  • KPMG have series of internal courses, industry based, that they motivate you to take
  • Consulting firms take note!
  • Concept Hooper talks about that eventually IT people won’t be provide services as cost effectively as external service providers – is that feasible?
  • Daniel Pink “A Whole New Mind” – we want to outsource because until we move away from this we don’t have room to get creative / pro-active
  • Can’t just focus on management part – what creative value can come out of ITSM?
  • You can lead a horse to water… self-realised is more powerful than being told
  • Unofficial acronym - KPMG = Keep Pimpin' My Goods!
  • Value of experiences from Emery? To be reminded how it feels in practitioner’s shoes
  • Started career young, as ambitious minority female brought challenges but was taught to be humble because whenever you walk into a room there is potential to learn from others - listening is so important
  • Each age group has different approach
  • Toby Moore in UK early 20s want to connect and find out why he got into ITSM?
  • Listeners - not everyone has privilege of knowing what you know – SHARE!







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