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Axelos all areas - ITSMAP Episode 37


What happens when the bottom of the world chat about IT Service Management?

HOSTS: Karen FerrisSimone Moore, Rob England Tristan Boot


Month in Review

itSMF LEADIT 2013 was an outstanding success. The podcast live from the floor of the itSMF Australia 16th conference can be listened to here.

Special Guest – Peter Hepworth – CEO Axelos.

Guest host Michael Billimoria joins Karen, Simone, Tristan and Rob. Michael is a Director on the board of itSMF Australia with the portfolio of Certifications and Qualifications. 

Peter Hepworth is CEO of the Joint Venture – AXELOS – formed to promote the Best Management Practice including ITIL and PRINCE2. Prior to 1st July 2013, Peter was Managing Director, UK and Ireland for Activision Blizzard.


Peter describes what the joint venture with the Cabinet Office is all about and how Axelos fits in with Capita who initially formed the joint venture.

Capita purchased G2G3 – how will gamification be leveraged for best practice such as ITIL?


The team discusses the perception of the joint venture in the ITSM community.

Rob asks if itSMF continue to provide support through volunteer efforts, how will Axelos support itSMF in return? Also, will ATOs pay more to provide ITIL training?

Michael asks how does Axelos intend to engage with local ITSM practitioners in different regions, particularly those who are in Asia/Oceania – Through itSMF? Conference attendance? Webinars? Podcasts?

Is there an expectation of a Services Agreement between Axelos and itSMFi if so, what is the expected scope (at a high level)?

Simone says there has been a lot of talk by Capita regarding having formal one stop landing page re ITSM formal practice but staying dynamic for the practitioner community and 'not to get boring!'  Yes it is commercialisation - but with a focus on duty of care to the industry.

Is this a conflict of interest in any way - the battle between the dollar & what is delivered to respond to & mature the industry? Why is their one stop better than a 'community of practice' COP?

Are Capita & JV partners practicing the framework/methods preached?  i.e. if a consultant, practitioner or ordinary ITSM Joe walked in to Capita environment, would we see 'best practice’? It maybe not perfect but would it at least with the right activity & mechanism in place to continue the maturity focus?

The impact on ATOs and examination institutes.

The best way for people to keep up to date with what is happening at Axelos.

The outputs from the recent 3 day workshop.

How Axelos plans to engage with the global ITSM community.

Picks of the Month


Booby(s) of the Month

Virgin ticketing system crash. Failure of Sabre reservation system.


The team will record the Episode 38 on 25th September 2013.


Suggestions for guests and podcast content to 








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