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The Wall Street Journal, CIO and the Consumerization Video Interview

20 minutes with Clint Boulton from the Wall Street Journal talking about the role of IT and CIO as they relate to consumerization.

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2012 - The Enterprise Software Review of the Year that Changed, Everything (Part 1 of 3)

For weeks I have been digesting, contemplating and reviewing 2012 in my head, online and deep in my soul. Finally, two full weeks into the new year, I'm ready to give my review of the year in ITSM , IT Management and Enterprise Software.

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Success as a CIO, it's not for Technologists - ITSM weekly the podcast EPISODE 96

People are messy, value to customers is not customer service. Larry Bonfante author, CIO and leader joins the show to talk about the skills of a CIO.

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How to Survive Your Conference & Get Your ROI - ITSM Weekly Antipodean Podcast Episode 20

The before, during and after survival tips of conferencing and getting your ROI!

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by Chris Dancy