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ServiceSphere, the company, the person, the christory.

Chris Dancy founded ServiceSphere in 2008

To make the most of an extensive background in help desk, Chris created ServiceSphere as a small, independent software company to provide help desk outsourcing services. In 2009 he transitioned the company to become an ITSM consulting organization, providing a larger outlet for his core expertise. During this time development of ITMM (IT Marketing Management) began. ServiceSphere partnered with Kory Smith to bring this idea of an IT marketing framework to life.

While investigating ITMM, Chris saw the concept of “social media” for the help desk as a means to bridge the cultural divide in enterprise organizations.  Capturing and documenting this radical shift in information creation, consumption, and transfer became the full-time mission of our small business.

Early in 2010 we developed classes for ITSM professionals to use social media as a way to extend day-to-day operational communications for service management organizations. At this same time ITSM Weekly the Podcast was breaking ground as the most listened-to podcast in the IT management community. In November 2010, Pink Elephant, the IT management experts, acquired the intellectual property of ServiceSphere and hired Chris as its digital engagement director. 

The birth of both the ServiceSphere brand and the professional identity of founder Chris Dancy marked the start of an industry-defining period. Dancy experienced explosive growth in speaking engagements around the globe and quickly “ServiceSphere” the brand and “Chris Dancy” the person were seen as one in the same.

ServiceSphere was re-born in October 2011. The ServiceSphere website, company blog and community are now Chris’s professional blog. While the company no longer offers services, the community of passionate ITSM professionals lives on in the podcasts, speaking engagements and many lives that have been influenced by this three-year journey.


by Chris Dancy