The site is full of information that can help you on your way to finding interesting content about IT service.  

 RANTS- This section is basically whereI go to blow off steam to just wake people up from their persistent vegetative state.  This is where the analysts and industry come to steal a glance from the future.


OPINION- Much like a rant but with a more serious nature.  Sometimes a rant is an opinion.  This is where folks come to steal ideas and then create careers.

Speaking- Webinar, Keynote, Conference, all the slides fit to share, and some not so fit.

Resources- Some times you just need help.  You know, the goods.  Here are resources to help you quick.

Interview- Sitting down with an industry person or being sat down.  Find video and audio here.  

TFT - The 24 hour ITSM Conference Stream and Podcastfeed.

Podcasts-What can you say about a global podcasting network that represents over 30K people a month?  Show's that have hosted industry analstys, every day joe's and CIO, CEO, CXO's?  What do you call it when you need a show that talks about the actually industry you are part of!  Do you work on a help desk, do you support a ITIL shop, are you a chief something?  There is a show for you.  Welcome home.

ITSM Weekly Podcast:  The original and longest running, most listened to ITSM / IT Management podcast on the internet.  

ITSM Weekly Podcast (Rest of the World Edition):  Born out of the US centric nature of it's sister show, 


ITSM Weekly Podcast (Antipodean Edition):  You can't call yourself "the rest of the world" if you don't include Asia / Pacific! 


 ITSM Weekly Podcast, Top of the World Edition:  Scandinavia represented, and the newest global show to the family.  Premiers June 2012. 


Practitioner Radio:  What happens when you take the most brilliant mind in ITIL / ITSM and pair him up with 

ITSM Weekly, The Podcast, Latin America....coming soon.




by Chris Dancy